What’s Happening on Days the Week of 10/2 & Today!

Spoilers for the week of October 2nd:

Monday, October 2nd:

Salem is rocked by a stunning revelation.

Tuesday, October 3rd:

The mystery guest stonewalls Sonny.

Wednesday, October 4th:

One couple finally ties the knot.

Thursday, October 5th:

Lucas receives shocking news.

Justin informs Sonny and Paul about a legal issue.

Friday, October 6th:

Chloe drops a bombshell on Nicole about Eric.


Spoiler Updates:

Monday, September 25th:

Sonny has a painfully honest discussion with Paul about Will.

Hope and Rafe learn they both expressed interest in the commissioner job.

Eli runs into someone from his past.

Bonnie tries to seduce Victor.

Tuesday, September 26th:

Nicole tells Brady that Eric left Salem.

Marlena visits Eric and questions him about his feelings for Nicole.

Chad and Abigail desperately try to track down Dario.

Bonnie gets major dirt on Victor.

Wednesday, September 27th:

Andre throws Chad an unusual bachelor party.

At Abigail’s bachelorette party, Kayla and Hope confide in one another about their respective relationships.

Justin gives Abigail good news.

Paul gets propositioned at his bachelor party.

Thursday, September 28th:

The day of the double wedding has finally arrived.

Andre and Kate set new ground rules for their fake marriage.

Abigail gets ready at the church with Jennifer and JJ.

Paul asks John and Marlena for advice about his vows.

A mysterious figure escapes from Bayview.

Friday, September 29th:

The double wedding of Abigail/Chad and Sonny/Paul is in peril.

All of Salem gathers as the wedding begins.

Julie gives Doug a romantic surprise.

Gabi struggles with her recent heartbreak.

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