What’s Happening on Days the Week of 9/18 & Today!

Spoilers for the week of September 18th:

Monday, September 18th:

Sonny confides in Chad his conflicted feelings about Will.

Tuesday, September 19th:

Abe begins a search for a new Salem PD commissioner.

Wednesday, September 20th:

Lucas’s loved ones confront him about his drinking.

Thursday, September 21st:

Chloe warns Eric of the mistake she made.

Friday, September 22nd:

Abigail and Chad’s wedding plans hit a snag.


Spoiler Updates:

Monday, September 11th:

John and Marlena fear they will meet a “shocking” fate.

Hope confronts Hattie.

Sheila threatens to blow Bonnie out of the water.

The chaos at Bayview has unforeseen consequences.

Tuesday, September 12th:

Nicole makes a sacrifice for Brady.

Chad, Andre and Kate clash over DiMera.

Julie catches Eli and Gabi in a compromising position.

Rafe questions Hope about her reluctance to get married right away.

Wednesday, September 13th:

Marlena confronts Hattie, who slips and admits that she was working with an accomplice.

Maggie confronts Bonnie about Sheila.

John advises Brady about Nicole.

Tripp helps Claire make Theo jealous.

Thursday, September 14th:

Bonnie begs Hattie not to expose her.

Sheila gives Adrienne disappointing news.

Marlena alerts when Eric tells her about Hattie’s strange therapy session with “Adrienne.”

Theo admits he wants to get back together with Claire.

Friday, September 15th:

Sonny and Paul have to tell Gabi their wedding is going to be a double wedding with Chad and Abigail.

Drunk Lucas makes a scene in front of Chad, Abigail, Paul, and Sonny.

Marlena tells John her wild theory that Adrienne might be the one who was in cahoots with Hattie.

Eli tells Abe he was fired from the FBI because of what happened with Gabi.


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