What’s Happening on DAYS the Week of 10/23 & Today!

Spoilers for the week of October 23rd:

Monday, October 23rd:

Kayla and Steve try to figure out what’s causing Adrienne’s bizarre behavior.

Tuesday, October 24th:

Hope arrests Sami.

Wednesday, October 25th:

Eli confides in Gabi about a regretful decision from his past.

Thursday, October 26th:

Kate and Chad realize someone is sabotaging the company.

Friday, October 27th:

Sami, Paul, Sonny, John, and Marlena go to Memphis.

Justin goes to Lucas to tell him that Bonnie switched places with Adrienne.


Spoiler Updates:

Monday, October 16th:

Nicole desperately tries to reason with Brady.

Hope and Rafe argue over how she’s handling her new position.

Gabi makes a fervent plea on Eli’s behalf.

Sami clashes with Paul and John.

Tuesday, October 17th:

Sami and Lucas have an emotionally intense reunion.

Nicole breaks Eric’s heart.

Paul and Sonny’s relationship is strained as they deal with the Will situation.

Victor stuns Justin and Maggie with his announcement.

Wednesday, October 18th:

Sami seeks comfort from Marlena.

While visiting Mickey’s grave, Bonnie has a fantasy — “Whatever Happened to Baby Bonnie?”

Steve and Kayla are thrown when Justin updates them about “Adrienne.”

Sonny turns to Chad and Andre for help.

Thursday, October 19th:

Abigail walks in on Sami kissing Chad.

Justin corners Bonnie about what’s really going on between her and Victor.

Steve visits Hattie at Statesville and demands to know what she did to Adrienne.

Theo is jealous when he learns Claire and Tripp will be working together.

Friday, October 20th:

Nicole bids an emotional farewell to Salem.

Sami and Eric share a bittersweet birthday reunion.

Hope confronts a familiar face from the past.

Bonnie and Victor’s wedding begins.

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