What’s Happening on Days the Week of 10/16 & Today!

Spoilers for the week of October 16th:

Monday, October 16th:

Nicole desperately tries to reason with Brady.

Tuesday, October 17th:

Sami and Lucas have an emotionally intense reunion.

Paul and Sonny’s relationship is strained as they deal with the Will situation.

Wednesday, October 18th:

Steve and Kayla are thrown when Justin updates them about “Adrienne.”

Thursday, October 19th:

Abigail walks in on Sami kissing Chad.

Friday, October 20th:

Bonnie and Victor’s wedding begins.


Spoiler Updates:

Monday, October 9th:

Nicole shows up at Eric’s farmhouse and confronts him about the reason he left Salem.

Hope gets important information out of Ben.

Theo questions Tripp about his feelings for Claire.

Kayla realizes Steve asked Tripp for a favor on her behalf.

Tuesday, October 10th:

Nicole confesses to Eric that she loves him.

Brady senses Chloe is hiding something.

Sonny has a major request for Kate.

Lucas has another talk with Will.

Wednesday, October 11th:

Nicole and Eric make plans for the future.

Brady realizes Nicole lied to him.

Kate meets with Clyde to get to the truth.

Adrienne runs into Hattie in prison.

Thursday, October 12th:

Nicole comes clean with Brady.

Kate relays Clyde’s bombshell to John, Marlena, and Roman.

Bonnie blackmails Victor.

Chloe and Julie clash over the club.

Friday, October 13th:

Sami Brady returns to Salem!

Brady turns the tables on Nicole.

Paul ropes John into illegal activity.

Lani urges Hope to lift JJ’s suspension.

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